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Biographie AC MCB
MCB is the abbreviation of Miniature Circuit Breaker, and some people call it Micro Circuit Breaker or small Circuit Breaker. Due to various reasons, such as incorrect connection or over-current conditions, a short circuit or overload may occur in the circuit. MCB is similar to a fuse. The only difference is that the fuse needs to be replaced after it is blown, while the miniature circuit breaker can be easily reset by clicking or pressing a button when overloaded.

What is AC MCB?

Alternating current, also known as 60hz or 60 cycles per second, is what drives the power grid. The voltage alternates between +V and -V, changing 60 times per second. A voltage of 0 volts occurs 60 times per second at a certain point. The AC miniature circuit breaker will disconnect at this 0v point, extinguish the arc, and protect the circuit from excessive current.

There are many types of AC miniature circuit breakers on the market. However, the correct MCB should be selected according to the place of use.

Because AC currents alternate and their values are zero during each cycle, arc interruption is relatively simple. In every country, the number of alternating current cycles per second has been standardized, and in most cases, it is 60 Hz or 50 Hz. The grid usually provides alternating current, while specialized industrial or battery applications often use direct current.

Molded Case Circuit Breakers - MCCBs
What are MCCBs? Molded Case Circuit Breaker, MCCB, is an electrical protection device to protect electrical circuits from damage by overcurrent. Prevents overload, short circuits, and switching of circuits. About ComPact Molded Case Circuit Breakers, MCCB. Protect cables sized for 100A to 3200 A. They now come in various sizes, intelligent metering and monitoring, and with integrated earth leakage protection. Their highest breaking capacities allow them to protect also smaller cables when connected close to a powerful energy source. As one pillar of digitally connected power distributions (EcoStruxure Power), ComPact breakers take part in energy consumption and asset management optimization. Benefit from 65 years of technological leadership, and rely on proven quality, opted for even in most demanding environments. How do MCCBs work? MCCB uses a temperature-sensitive device, also known as a temperature element, with a current-sensitive electromagnetic device, also known as a magnetic element, to provide the trip mechanism for protection and isolation purposes. With this, it can ensure overload protection, prevent short circuits,s and act as an electrical disconnector switch.

AC Surge Protective Device SPD Surge Protection Device
Surge Protective Devices are designed to protect against transient surge conditions. Large single surge events, such as lightning, can reach hundreds of thousands of volts and can cause immediate or intermittent equipment failure. However, lightning and utility power anomalies only account for 20% of transient surges. The remaining 80% of surge activity is produced internally. Although these surges may be smaller in magnitude, they occur more frequently and with continuous exposure can degrade sensitive electronic equipment within the facility.

LSP has a comprehensive line of AC SPD to meet your needs, regardless of the exposure risk. They help reduce costly downtime and protect sensitive electronic equipment against the damaging effects of transients caused by lightning surge current, utility switching, internal load switching, and more. Each unit is independently tested and backed by the largest engineering and technical support in the industry.

LSP is a real AC&DC surge protection device (SPD) manufacturer, that also provides OEM/ODM service. some of the products approved by TUV, CB, CE, and EAC according to IEC 61643-11:2011 and EN 61643-11:2012.

AC SPD voltage (Un): 60Vac, 120Vac, 230Vac, 400Vac, 480VAc, 690Vac, 900Vac

AC SPD voltage (Uc): 75Vac, 150Vac, 275Vac, 320VAc, 385Vac, 440Vac, 600Vac, 750Vac, 1000Vac

Knife switch
A knife switch ;is a type of switch used to control the flow of electricity in a circuit. It is composed of a hinge that allows a metal lever, or knife, to be lifted from or inserted into a slot or jaw. The hinge and jaw are both fixed to an insulated base, and the knife has an insulated handle to grip at one end. Current flows through the switch when the knife is pushed into the jaw. Knife switches can take several forms, including single throw, in which the "knife" engages with only a single slot, and double throw, in which the knife hinge is placed between two slots and can engage with either one. Also, multiple knives may be attached to a single handle and can be used to activate more than one circuit simultaneously.

What is an Automatic Transfer Switch?
Low-voltage automatic transfer switch ;assemblies provide a reliable means of transferring essential load connections between primary and alternate sources of electrical power. Data centers, hospitals, factories, and a wide range of other facility types that require continuous or near-continuous uptime typically utilize an emergency (alternate) power source such as a generator or a backup utility feed when their normal (primary) power source becomes unavailable. ;

A typical transfer sequence includes:

1. The normal utility power source fails.

2. The transfer switch shifts the load to the emergency power source when power from the generator or backup utility feed is stable and within prescribed voltage and frequency tolerances. Depending on a facility’s needs and preferences, the transfer process is self-acting or manually initiated.

3. The transfer switch returns the load from the emergency power source to the normal power source when utility power is restored. The retransfer process is self-acting or manually initiated.

Industrial plugs and sockets
Reliable, durable, and safe. Perfect for your application.

These products are used for the connection of equipment in all kinds of applications where it needs to be possible to connect and disconnect. ABB Industrial plugs ;and sockets are chosen when safety, reliability, and durability are requested.

Reliable contacts prevent stops and power breaks, which leads to increased productivity.

Durable equipment prevents time and cost lost due to maintenance.

Safe connections prevent accidents. ;

We have divided our range of industrial plugs and sockets into four groups:

Easy & Safe are high-quality products for basic applications.

Tough & Safe are products for demanding applications and environments.

Critical & Safe are sockets with additional safety functions.

Fast & Safe are industrial plugs, connectors, inlets, and socket-outlets with screwless terminal connectors

Reliable, Safe, and with short downtime. ABB Plugs & Sockets

Industrial connectors – the extensive product range of connectors
Benefits of igus connectors

High-performance connectors, signal connectors, and several thousands of connector components – the range of industrial connectors ;in stock allow igus to provide a high level of availability with short delivery times.

Best of Both: recyclable industry

igus cable harnessing with industrial plug-in connectors by HARTING

Hard rectangular connectors made easy: automated igus recyclable cable harnessing of durable chainflex cables with the very robust HARTING industrial plug-in connectors.

Whether harnessed control cables within 24 hours from stock or individually tailored solutions from batch size 1 - the thoroughly tested chainflex cable quality combined with the HARTING types of connector Han 3A, 6B, 10B, 16B, and 24B as a ready-to-connect readycable solution for industrial applications, helps save costs for time-consuming cable harnessing of the individual plug-in connectors and guarantees reliable and durable components.

63A 230V Adjustable over under voltage protector

Product description: The automatic recovery over under voltage protector ;complies with modular design standards. the circuit boards of products adopt good quality electronic components.


1. over-voltage protection threshold adjustable, user-friendly environment according to the real-time voltage protection range. Effective protection of the user loads the safe operation of electrical appliances.

2. the line occurred when the over-voltage cut off the line in time, the line voltage returned to normal when the delay automatically connected to the line, without manual operation.

3. the line due to large capacitive or inductive load instantaneous start and stop caused by transient over-voltage or short-term interruption, the protector does not malfunction and can absorb instantaneous lightning surge voltage, with a certain lightning protection function.

4. the protector itself has a high voltage withstand capacity, line fault voltage continues to 440V, the protector can safely protect the function itself will not be damaged. 
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